3 or 4 Nights in Mecca 5 star hotel accommodation  

3 nights stay in 5 star Medina Hotel accommodation

Private bus transportation

SPRING BREAK UMRAH with ISTANBUL side trip if desired

Medina First

Travel Dates 13 MAR to 17 MAR

1) 13 MAR   

  •  Upon Saudi arrival, transportation to Medina hotel is provided in private buses.

2)  14 MAR - 17 MAR

  •      Medina accommodation in 5 star hotel
  •      Check in 5* hotel in Medina Moveinpick or similar.
  •      Enjoy our daily Breakfast Open Buffet
  •      Daily salat in Alharam Anabawi Asharif
  •      Visit Arrawda Asharifa
3)  16 MAR
  •      Mazarat in Medina in private bus visit places such as Masjid Zul Quiblatin, Masjid Quba, Uhud
4)  17 MAR
  •       Travel by private bus from hotel in Medina to your hotel in Mecca

5)  17 MAR 21 MAR 

  •      Mecca accommodation in 5 star hotel
  •      perform Umrah as a group
  •      Enjoy daily Open buffet Breakfast.

6)  19 MAR 

  •      Mecca Mazarat in our private bus ( Mina, Arafat, Muzdalifa, Ghar Thouar)
7)  21 MAR
  •      Return to USA
  •      Travel by private bus from Hotel to Jedda airport


  • Cost $2350 per person based on Quad if leaving and returning from JFK, CHI,or  BOS
  • Cost $2550 if leaving from Kansas City or elsewhere
  • Must register before 29 JAN for the special savings, otherwise airline ticket price difference will be added to the cost.
  • Add $250.00 per person for Triple room
  • Add $390.00 per person for Double room
Istanbul Side Trip $550
  • 3 nights side trip to Istanbul
  • Airline extra charge for Istanbul stopover
  • 3 nights in 4 star hotel based on two per room occupancy
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner as permissible
  • Cruise
  • Istanbul day trip
  • Shopping


  • Umrah trip will be used as an education program for Umrah/Hajj and Islamic history
  • Families with kids are highly encouraged and discounts for kids are available
  • Package is based on Quad Occupancy
  • Price is subject to change depending on flights availability. 
  • Hotel name is subject to change