Travel Dates

14 AUG - 30 AUG Round Trip Ticket Chicago or JFK/JED  and return MED/JFK or Chicago

Mecca First

16 AUG - 26 AUG

  1. Upon arrival to Jedda, transportation to your Mecca hotel is provided in PRIVATE VIP buses
  2. Accommodation in Mecca at Hyatt Regency Hotel  or similar (5 stars) in the Haram vicinity and based on 2 persons per room only. (Save $2000 per person by staying in a quad room)
  3. Perform umrah with one of our Mashaeikh upon arrival
  4. Open Buffet Breakfast and dinner daily.

Hajj/Almanasik Second

20 AUG - 25 AUG

  1. Accommodation at Mena and Arafat will be in our VIP private camp with air conditioned tents by the Jamarat.
  2. Transportation from Mina to Arafat to Muzdalifa and back to Mina will be provided by train. 
  3. Open buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus drinks through out the day in Mina camp.
  4. Group is accompanied by one of our most knowledgeable mashaikh

Medina Last

1)  26 AUG - 30 AUG

     Travel from Mecca to Medina by our private VIP BUS
     Accommodation in Medina at 5* Moveinpick hotel or similar.
     2 person in the room.
     Open buffet (breakfast and dinner)

2)  28 aug
     Private Mazarat tour /Visit to Islamic Historic Sites in Medina such as Masjid Zul Quiblatin, Masjid Quba, Uhud

3) 30 AUG

     Travel from Hotel in Medina to Medina airport by our Private VIP BUS

Additional Charges:

The following extra charges are exclusively included for this package, i.e. you pay ZERO additional charges

Hajj Ministry Motawif fee $350 Included

Dhabiha/Qurbani $150

Connection flight ~$350