Package Detail/Inclusive detail

Round Trip Air fare Chicago or JFK to Medina and Return from Jedda to Chicago or JFK

Leave on 22 AUG and return on 05 or 6 SEP

Medina First

Stay in Medina at beautiful Golden Tulip Hotel or similar 1Zul-Hijja to 4 Zul-Hijja (23-26AUG)

Breakfast and dinner buffet

Private Mazarat Tour

Mecca Second

Stay in Hilton Suites 5 star Hotel 4 Zul-Hijja to 14 Zul-Hijja (26 AUG-5 SEP)

Perform Umrah upon Mecca arrival with one of our sheikh accompanying the group

Open Buffet Breakfast and Dinner 

During Manasik period (8 Zul-Hijja-13 Zul-Hijja) food will be provided accordingly either in Mina and Arafat

Manasik in North American Camp 8 Zul Hijja to 13 Zul Hijja

8 Zul Hijja                             -Mina

9 Zul Hijja                            -Arafat 

9 Zul Hijja after maghrib       - Move to Muzdalifa

10 Zul Hijja                          -Eid day ( Jamarat alkubra, Halq, Tawaf and Sei)

11-13 Zul Hijja                      -Ayam Atachriq

13 Zul Hijja                           -Spend the night back at your hotel in Hilton Suites

Not Included in the package cost

Zabiha $150

Ministry of Hajj Mutawif fee $300

Connection flights to Chicago or JFK


Check out day from the Hilton suites is 14 Zul-Hijja, depending on the Ministry of Hajj permission we may leave back to USA on 14 Zul-Hijja, if not then we will be spending the 14 Zul-Hijja  in a hotel other than Hilton suites and could be located in Jeddah. This is absolutely not in our control.