Travel Dates

  • Fly from USA (Chicago or JFK) to Medina 25th ZQD ( 18 or 19 AUG)

Medina first In 4/5* Hotel

From 1 Dhu-l-hijja to 4 or 5 Dhu-l-hijja /19 or 20 AUG to 24 or 25 AUG

  1. Accommodation in Medina at Almadenah Harmony hotel or similar (4/5 stars) in the Haram vicinity.
  2. 4 people in a room
  3. Breakfast and dinner included (open buffet).
  4. Private mazarat trip in Medina

Mecca Accomodation at Hyatt Rgency

From 1 Dhul-hijja to 5th Dhul-hijja / 26AUG to 30 AUG

  1. Travel from Medina to Mecca by bus or plan and perfom Umrah upon arrival with one of our Mashaiekh
  2. Accommodation in Mecca at 5 stars Hyatt Rgency or similar Hotel in the Haram vicinity.
  3. 4 people in the room.
  4. Open buffet food (breakfast and dinne

Preparation for Manasik to get ready for Hajj Performance

Move to a hotel by Jamarat for hajj preparation (6 Zul Hija-7 Zul Hija)

Perform Hajj manasik in North American camp (Mina ad Arafat) equipped with air conditioned tents (8 Zul Hija-13 Zul Hijjah)

Important Manasik Days

        8 Zul Hijja ( Known as Yawmo Attarwiya, 1st day/night of hajj to be spent in Mina)

        9 Zul Hijja (Yawmo ARAFA, day of ARAFA)

        10 Zul Hijja ( Yawmo Al'Eid, Eid Day)

        11, 12, and 13th Zul Hijja ( Ayyam Atachriq, Days of Tachriq)

Food and drinks will be provided throughout the manasik period

Prepare for return from Jeddah to the USA 15 Zul Hija

Additional Charges:

Ministry of Hajj Motawif fee $300

Dhabiha/Qurbani $150

Connection flight from US cities to JFK or Chicago




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