Travel Dates

  • RT  from USA (Chicago or JFK) to Saudi 12 AUG-30 AUG

Mecca Accommodation in 5 star hotel (Hilton Suites or similar)

13 AUG - 17 AUG

  1. Accommodation in Mecca at 5 stars Hilton Suites or similar Hotel in the Haram vicinity.
  2. 4 people in the room.
  3. Open buffet food (breakfast and dinner)

Preparation for Manasik

1)  17 AUG- 25 AUG

      Move from Hilton Suites to be accommodated in Azezia.

Note: It is not as convenient as being in the Hilon Suites. Transportation to and from the Haram to your accommodation in Azeziya will be provided on a daily schedule.

         Open buffet breakfast and dinner is provided but it is not as the Hilton standars

2)  20 AUG - 25 AUG Hajj/Manasik Period

     Move from Azezia Accommodation to Mina on 20 AUG (8 Zul Hijja). Transportation bu bus is provided 

Important Manasik Days

        8 Zul Hijja ( Known as Yawmo Attarwiya, 1st day/night of hajj to be spent in Mina)

        9 Zul Hijja (Yawmo ARAFA, day of ARAFA)

        10 Zul Hijja ( Yawmo Al'Eid, Eid Day)

        11, 12, and 13th Zul Hijja ( Ayyam Atachriq, Days of Tachriq)

        Food and drinks will be provided throughout the manasik period in Mina and Arafat

3)  25 AUG

     Move back to your Azeziya accomodation by bus for one extra night

Medina last 4/5* Hotel Accommodation

1)  26 AUG - 30 AUG

     Accommodation in Medina at Almadenah Harmony hotel or similar (4/5 stars) in the Haram vicinity.
     4 persons in a room
     Breakfast and dinner included (open buffet).
2)  28 AUG

      Private mazarat trip in Medina (Visit to Islamic Important sites such as Masjid Zul Quiblatin, Masjid QUba, Uhud)

3)  30 AUG

      Be transported by bus to the airport for your flight return

Additional Charges:

Ministry of Hajj Motawif fee $350

Dhabiha/Qurbani $150

Connection flight from US cities to JFK or Chicago




Hilton Mecca