Bronze Hajj Package for only $7500

Bronze Hajj Package with NO AZZEZIYA, accommodation in Mecca close to Haram appx. 20 min walk, and 3/4 stars hotel accommodation in Medina. Government buses transportation included.


This package has two periods in Mecca, 1st period 1 to 4 ZH accommodation in the Haram vicinity in Mecca in a 5-star hotel Hilton or similar with an open breakfast buffet, 2nd-period accommodation in an economy building 3-star hotel style for hajj preparation from 5th to 14 ZH, B&D buffet is served. Medina will be visited after hajj Manasik in a 4-star hotel with open buffet B&D.


PLATINUM hajj package with NO AZEZZIYA for only $9500. Medina first. Accommodation from 1-4 ZH in Zamzam 5-star hotels in the haram vicinity with open buffet breakfast and dinner. Mecca 2nd. Accommodation from 5-14 ZH in Hilton or similar 5-star hotel open buffet breakfast and dinner. Private VIP buses for transportation between Mecca and Medina. Manasik in North American Camp.

VIP HAJJ PACKAGE based on 2 per room $13900

Excellent VIP Hajj Package all inclusive. Only two people per room. Stay in the Haram vicinity in Hyatt Regency hotel or similar from 4ZH to 14 ZH and in 5 stars Movenpick hotel in Medina with Breakfast and Dinner open buffet included. VIP CAMP during MANASIK. Private VIP Bus provided for transportation between Airport, hotels, and Medina. Save $2000 by staying in a quad room.