Economy Hajj
Package for
only $7500

Economy Hajj Package with NO AZZEZIYA, accommodation in Mecca
close to Haram appx. 20 min walk, and 3/4
stars hotel accommodation in Medina. Government buses transportation included.


This package has two periods in Mecca, 1st
period 1 to 4 ZH accommodation in the Haram
vicinity in Mecca in a 5-star hotel Hilton or
similar with an open breakfast buffet, 2nd-period accommodation in
an economy building 3-star hotel style for hajj preparation
from 5th to 14 ZH, B&D buffet is
served. Medina will be visited after hajj Manasik in
a 4-star hotel with open buffet B&D.

on 2
per room

Excellent VIP Hajj Package all inclusive. Only two people
per room. Stay in the Haram vicinity in
Hyatt Regency hotel or similar from 4ZH to 14
ZH and in 5 stars Movenpick hotel in Medina
with Breakfast and Dinner open buffet included. VIP
CAMP during MANASIK. Private VIP Bus provided for transportation
between Airport, hotels, and Medina. Save $2000 by staying
in a quad room.


Excellent one-week umrah program with 3 days stay in
a 5-star hotel in Mecca and 3 days stay
in a 5-star hotel in Medina. private buses and
Private Mazarat trip in Mecca and Medina.


PLATINUM hajj package with NO AZEZZIYA for only $9500.
Medina first. Accommodation from 1-4 ZH in Zamzam
5-star hotels in the haram vicinity with open buffet
breakfast and dinner. Mecca 2nd. Accommodation from 5-14 ZH
in Hilton or similar 5-star hotel open buffet breakfast
and dinner. Private VIP buses for transportation between Mecca
and Medina. Manasik in North American Camp.

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$300 PLATINUM & VIP packages


Bronze HAJJ Package No Azeziya Mecca hotel close Haram Appx. 20 min walk Very affordable hajj package lead by one of our knowledgeable Masheikh. Includes Mecca Hotel Approximately 20 min walk to Haram, Medina and our North American Camp during hajj Manasick

$7500. Per Person

  • Round Trip JFK or ORD to Saudi
  • 3 or 4* Hotel In Medina
  • Breakfast and Dinner in Medina served daily
  • Accommodation in Mecca in 3 stars hotel approximately 20 min walk to Haram
  • Manasik in North America camp

GOLDEN HAJJ PACKAGE Mecca Accommodation in 5 star hotel from 01 Zul Hijja to 04 Zul Hijja, Hajj Manasik in North American Camp, Medina accommodation in 4 or 5 star hotel

$8500. Per Person

  • Round Trip ticket JFK or Chicago/MED JED
  • 5* Hyatt Regency Hotel in Mecca or similar
  • 4/5 * Almedina Harmony Hotel In Medina or similar
  • Open Buffet Breakfast and Dinner both Hotels
  • Manasik in North American Camp

PLATINUM HAJJ PACKAGE Absolutely NO AZZEZIA, 2 weeks program with unbelievable stay in Mecca Hilton or similar from 5 Zul Hijja till 14 Zulhija and travel by private buses to Medina after hajj to be accommodated in a 5 star Moveinpick hotel or similar and return directly from Medina airport upon hajj tour completion

$9500. Per Person

  • Round Trip Ticket Chicago/JFK to Jeddah and returned from Medina to Chicago/JFK
  • Fly to Saudi and stay in Mecca in 5 star hotel with breakfast and dinner buffet 4-14 Zul Hijja
  • Perform Hajj Manasik 8 Zul-Hijja to 12 Zul-Hijja in North American Camp. Hilton Hotel is available during Manasik
  • Medina last, Stay in Movenpieck or similar from 14 ZuHijja to 17 Zul-Hijja
  • NO AZZEZIYA Hajj Package and PRIVATE buses

VIP HAJJ PACKAGE two per Room Absolutely true VIP hajj Package with two person per room, with almost two weeks in 5* hotels in Mecca and 4 days after hajj in 5 star hotel in Medina. VIP camp during manasik. Travel by train during manasik,No Azizia. Private VIP Buses.

$13900. Per Person

  • Round Trip Chicago or JFK/JED MED/Chicago or JFK
  • Mecca First, Hyatt Regency 5 * Hotel or similar
  • VIP camp during Manasik serving open buffet, train or private VIP buses for transportation
  • Medina last, 5* Moveinpick Hotel or similar
  • No Aziziya, Private VIP buses, two person per room, No Additional Charges such as Zabiha, Mutawif fee, or Connection flights